Review: Un-Afraid by Carey Scott (Be You, Be Authentic, Find the Grit and Grace to Shine)

"Living fake felt better than admitting failure. . ."

Title:  Un-Afraid: Be You, Be Authentic, Find the Grit and Grace to Shine
Author: Carey Scott
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
Release Date: July 1, 2018 
Genre: Christian Living
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As women, we struggle to feel like we’re good enough because we are bombarded daily with messages that whisper, “Who you are is not okay.”

We live in a world that tells us we have to look a certain way, live a certain lifestyle, have husbands who fit a certain mold, and have children that excel in every area of their lives.

And rather than thrive in the life we have, we strive to create an existence that impresses others.
This impossible treadmill leaves us with deep discontentment and a joyless existence.

God doesn’t apologize for how He created us. And while we’re always being molded by our Creator, it’s only to shape us for the calling on our life—not so we can fit into a world we were never meant to: 

“Do not allow this world to mold you in its own image. Instead, be transformed from the inside out by renewing your mind. As a result, you will be able to discern what God wills and whatever God finds good, pleasing, and complete. Love others well, and don’t hide behind a mask; love authentically” (Romans 12:2, 9).

What if we had the confidence to shed our fears and be who God created us to be—stumbles, fumbles, and all—relishing who we are rather than conforming to the world? Using an acrostic for the word AUTHENTIC, author Carey Scott unpacks 9 ways we can find the confidence we need to shine with fearless authenticity:
  1. Accept Your Awesomeness
  2. Unearth the Untruths
  3. Try Loving Everyone
  4. Hold on to Hope
  5. Extend Forgiveness
  6. Never Shrink Back
  7. Trample the Negatives
  8. Invest in Community
  9. Camp in the Word of God
Let’s link arms and commit to living authentic lives. . .together. Are you ready?


"Grit and grace." Two words I myself use fairly frequently too, but coming from Carey Scott's Un-Afraid: Be you, be authentic. Find the grit and grace to shine puts it in a whole new light.

"We must find both grit and grace to live authentic - no doubt about it. . . your authenticity helps others see God." (taken out of sequence)

Ever since Uncommon, I've been a fan of Carey Scott's open and honest insight on being true to who we are while letting God work in our lives. Un-Afraid focuses on the debilitating aspect of fear. With fear, we have a tendency to ignore and lie in the hope of not having to face whatever that fear is. In Un-Afraid, it's about choosing to find the courage to be real, and trusting God's grace to help us through it.

". . .with each baby step out of the shadows of counterfeit living, I've seen the beauty of imperfection." 

Authenticity isn't just about brutal honesty, but extending grace for yourself and others. Profound with personal thoughts and Biblical references, Un-Afraid turns on that lightbulb in us - releasing the stifled details that hinders us with applicable wisdom.  In all, a timeless book that will be peruse frequently. 

"Changing from a negative attitude to a positive one takes time and perseverance. . . Find the grit and grace to discover the silver lining and trust His plan." (taken out of sequence)

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Carey Scott is an author, speaker, and certified Biblical Life Coach who's honest about her walk with the Lord—stumbles, fumbles, and all. She challenges women to be real—not perfect—even when it’s messy. Through her ministry, she encourages women to stop living a mediocre, risk-free life and instead step onto the battlefield and engage!

For over twelve years, Carey’s had an active ministry geared toward women. She speaks to women's groups and writes an online devotional designed to help women be who God created
them to be.

Carey lives in Colorado with her husband and two kids, who give her plenty of material for writing and speaking. She’s surrounded by a wonderful family and group of friends who keep her motivated, real, and humble.

CONNECT WITH CAREY:  websitefacebooktwitter

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