Literary Books Gifts for the Book Lover in Us

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Do you like bookish gifts? I for one, if you've followed my social media would know how impossibly giddy I get with bookish goodies! You name it, I've got a version of it. There are so many great small shops that cater to the book loving community. Today, I'm sharing with you about Literary Book Gifts plus a great coupon code for you to use!

Literary Book Gifts reached out to me to see if I would be interested in sharing about their products. As many of you know, before I share my thoughts, I've always like to experience it first hand. Having peruse their website, I purchased a few of their items and went about "reviewing" them for all of you.  (In case you're wondering, I was not compensated for this post. The following are my honest opinion on the design and quality of their products. There are no affiliate links to Literary Book Gifts.)

And if you've already read enough of my rambling, and want to just check out their website directly, go ahead. You can use JUSTCOMMONLY20 for 20% your order!

Now you ask, what did I buy? 

Before I get to the items in the top picture, let me tell you about a shirt.
1.  I bought the Moby Dick Men's/Unisex Tee in navy (shown above) for my Darcy, who really rather like his tees simple. And this is simple enough. He loved it and grabbed it the moment I showed it to him. I believe the sizes are true to size, and the cotton is similar to any typical cotton tee.  I tested in a wash with like colors (it is navy!) and so far so good. The print stayed on, and the shirt looked as good as new.

Image by @justcommonly

2.  As you can tell what I call my husband, you know I'm a huge Jane Austen fan. Of course I had to grab a Jane Austen item.  The Jane Austen design is so pretty. It's of Jane Austen's writing desk and because of the subject, I like it on a tote more.  However, do take note the color is more of a lighter blue-gray than shown on the screen on their website. I believe my image actually is a better representation of the color. And I love this bag. I grabbed the small one, since I have a lot of the bigger size totes. What do you think?  

3. And finally, I also purchased a tee for myself.  I find the depiction of Emily Dickinson's Hope is a Thing with Feathers is rather romantic and beautiful.  I bought a women's t-shirt for this design in a midnight navy. Women's tee has a slimmer fit with a longer body, and it feels softer than a unisex/men's tee.  Besides the ones shown below, they come in an array of different colors. 

Literary Books Gifts gives a nod to classics that we either grew up with or have grown to love. I'm personally not too fond of tees with people in them, so I gravitate towards designs with more words or graphics. Some with people are nice since it's more of their back and not showing the face.  I've shown them below. Here are some of the ones I like myself, and each design is available in different colors, as well as in Men's/Unisex Tee, Women's Tee, Tank Top, Unisex Sweatshirt Hoodie, Women's Sweatshirt Hoodie or printed on a tote bag in 3 different size options and predetermined color design. Here are some note-worthy ones:

What do you think?  I would like to see additional designs from them, especially more from Jane Austen! 😉

You can get your own with a discount of 20% with JUSTCOMMONLY20.

NOTE: All product images are from Literary Book Gifts' website, unless otherwise noted. 



  1. Annie, Thank you for sharing Literary Books Gifts with us. The Jane Austen writing desk tote is FABULOUS! :)


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