Just Commonly Shop is Up - Free books for you!

It's a hard thing to do, but when one have to, one have to. I am setting up shop to share my library with you, my fellow book lovers and readers. I can easily bring release copies to library, but I'd like to give my readers and friends of Just Commonly a chance to claim them.

These books will be free for you, but because there are so many, you'll have to pay shipping.

If you know me, I keep my books in excellent condition. So for sure, you'll find them more than meets your expectation in terms of condition. The types of books will be randomly selected from the following:

  • Love Inspired / Heartwarming mass paperbacks 
  • Christian Fiction
  • Christian Non-Fiction
  • General Market (includes young adult, literary, historical, contemporary and general fiction. Most are consider clean fiction, but there may be a few with trigger elements)


They are randomly packaged and therefore you won't be able to select the titles. However, most if not all are within last 5 years (many are within the last 2 years).   These books are new copies, review copies or advance copies. Each package will be at least 4 or more books. It will depend on the box. I'm using old book subscription boxes. For more information, you will find it on the "Freebies & Shop" section of this blog under "Extras". 

And last but not least, I and I'm sure the authors and publishers would appreciate you posting an honest review once you've read the book.  Thank you all. 



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