5 ways to make your email more awesome

"5 ways to make your email more awesome" 

Fellow bloggers, readers, web browsers, and anyone that sends emails, have you ever wonder how to make your emails more awesome?  When I have a bit of time, I would dive into this question, as well a how to make my blog more efficient and how to send emails/newsletters that will interest you.   I'm quite excited to come across EMMA* & Campaign Monitor.

Email is the most widely used communication tool in business, yet too many email programs are essentially on autopilot, and "meh" open and click through rates are often accepted as the nature of the email game today. But email can do more. And email can do better. 

Join Emma, New York Times best-selling author Jay Baer, and Patina Restaurant Group's Director of Marketing, Rachel Insler, for an inspiring, relevant webinar all about the power of email marketing. 

You'll learn:
  • How email can outperform your expectations
  • Why email is still the center of the digital universe
  • Five specific ideas to get people to love and talk about your emails
  • Powerful case studies and examples you can mimic to make your own email more awesome
** Webinar direct from Emma website.

Of course, if you've listen to this webinar, it doesn't have anything to do with book blogging. However, the key point is the success and importance of email marketing.  With the growth of JustRead Publicity Tours, I'm definitely interested in how to be more efficient and to the point with our marketing for ourselves, and most importantly for our clients. When we become relevant with our message, first personally on our own blog, we can definitely transfer that over to the business side of it.

Perusing through the Emma website, there are multiple free resources including posts and webinars for readers to check out. 

There are quite a few to go through, but definitely worth our time, and for small businesses (authors, you know that writing is a business in itself as well!), Emma has great services that will help streamline for our target audience.  I'm still going through them, so I'll be sure to share some thoughts if anyone's interested on future posts. 

*Thank you to EMMA on partnering with this post.



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