Review: Book Brush: Image Creator for Book Graphics


I love playing with graphics. If I have more time, I know it would be something I would try to excel in and not just for work. So when I was given the chance to review Book Brush, a graphic creating website, I jumped on the chance.  All the graphics in this post alone were created using Book Brush.

First off, I love the variety of 3D book templates it has available including those for hardcover, paperback, audiobooks and ebooks. It was easy to see all the options for those and just click and enter them. Since this website is specifically for creating book graphics, having these 3D options are definitely consider perks.

There are also additional templates available if you don't want to create any of your own. You don't even have to follow the template to the tee, but at least at a starting point. However, I must also point out that I find Book Brush not as easy in terms of getting your own photos loaded. At times, it even crashed on me.   In all, it has a lot of potential, but unfortunately will not be one I'll use on a frequent basis.


  • Lots of 3D creators for Books
  • Templates available for those that rather not create their own
  • Standard symbols for book graphics easily accessible


  • Not a lot of free images show up when searched despite marketing "1000+ royalty-free images to use"
  • Slow in uploading own images 
  • Not fluid in ease of use (personal opinion)
  • Templates are too basic and not a lot of creative options (personal opinion)

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