Review + Giveaway: Heart & Home: Design basics for your soul and living space by Victoria Duerstock

"Our home and its design can encourage spiritual growth in our hearts."

Title: Heart & Home: design basics for your soul and living space
Author: Victoria Duerstock
Publisher: Abingdon Press
Release Date: April 16, 2019
Genre: Christian Living / Home & Design Devotional

Heart and Home is a short devotional book with daily devotions for 90 days. The devotionals seek to draw clear connection between the basics of interior design and scripture that encourages spiritual growth within our hearts. The devotionals inspire women to have a captivating heart and home. Included in each devotional is an applicable design tip and photographs. Example devotional topics include unity and harmony, negative space, flow, focal point, and balance. 

This devotional includes four-color photographs of home interiors throughout the book.

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A book that marries home design, spiritual growth and pretty pics? Heart & Home: Design Basics for Your Soul and Living Space is part devotional, part design book. I love the premise of it - connecting our spiritual growth and devotional time with that of our everyday desire for a harmonious and pretty home. With 90 devotions, starting with a heading, Bible verse, author's thoughts, a design tip, pretty interior pictures and finally a sample prayer, it packs quite the punch.

From unity to bling to storage, it touched on quite a few topics for the home and for our hearts. Despite disconnecting on some occasions between the devotional part and the design part, Heart & Home does manage to provide both elements for readers. Where connection seem forced between spiritual and design element (e.g. "Come on In"), individually, they are quite thoughtful and appropriate. In all, what Heart & Home lacks in unifying the two focused themes, it very well made up in its individual assessment of each of them. Two books in one!

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As a writer, teacher, and speaker with a busy work and family life, Victoria Duerstock understands that all the tasks of the holiday season can make it easy to forget the true joy that Christmas can bring. In Heart & Home for Christmas, Duerstock brings her mission to inspire hope for God's purpose, and her 20 years of experience in the furniture and design industry together, connecting Scripture with design elements and easy decorating tips in a way that reflects the true spirit of Christmas. The devotions and holiday decorating tips will encourage spiritual growth and inspiration to have both a captivating heart and home at Christmas.

Releases September 17, 2019


Victoria Duerstock is a writer, blogger, teacher, and speaker. Her mission is to intentionally seek to inspire hope and ignite bigger dreams for God’s purpose in each of our stories. She also enjoys speaking at writer’s conferences and boot camps about platform building and life lessons for writers. Duerstock has a master’s degree in music, but ended up working in the furniture industry for over twenty years. She maintains the blogs Encouraging Women Today, Everything’s Gravy, and Creative Corner. She manages content for Serious Writer Academy and also has contributed to devotionals for Worthy. She lives in Nesbit, Mississippi. 

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  1. Inspiration for my home & spiritual growth in the same beautiful book? Sounds like a dream! :)


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