Well, let's see.  I'm Annie and I love many things.  I love food, design, style, fashion, travel and most dearly, books. I love how different books transport me to a world of unknown, evoking different types of emotions and feelings.  Books tells a story. It doesn't matter if it's a children's book, or a contemporary fictional piece or even a biography. They each tell a story, be it fiction or an account of true events. Each story, written by authors that spent hours, days or even years to share their love, their dreams or their memories are what makes books unique and a world unto itself.

By profession, I'm a designer. According to my family and friends, I'm a book nerd, meaning I love all things books!  In the world of books, I'm a blogger and reviewer, sharing my thoughts on almost every book / story I read, along with anything remotely related to books, from giveaways to chats with authors to festivals and food from cookbooks I've tried. I've started periodically blogging since 2011, but only since 2015 have I found my rhythm in blogging about books, and I just LOVE it.   At times I may ramble on about something not even remotely related but what's on my mind ----- and that's just commonly me.

As of 2016, I am proud to be one of the founding stewards of the Christian Fiction Readers Retreat. Christian Fiction Readers Retreat (CFRR) is a one day event gathering of Christian Fiction readers and authors. The event’s theme is “Honoring God through Christian Fiction” and will feature speaker sessions, author panels, breakout sessions, prayer & worship and author signings.


With a new year (2018) comes new adventures! I'm still in awe, but I'm honored to join this group of great authors, bloggers, and definitely readers! Be prepare for candid conversations about writing, reading and life!

And to end, this year's been a long time in the making with the launch of JustRead Publicity Tours. Along with fellow blogger, Carrie of Reading Is My SuperPower, we've created JustRead to further our goal of furthering the ministry to promote the Christian publishing industry.  Check us out on our website!