REVIEW Requests

Hello Authors! 

Thank you for considering having me review your book.

CURRENT STATUS:  I am not accepting review requests. 

If you're interested to submit your book for review by Just Commonly, here are additional information for the submission process in a Q&A format.

Q: What types of books do you review?
I review a wide variety of genres, all listed below. For more information, check out my lists of reviews at the top of the page.  
  • contemporary/urban fiction (inspiration/Christian or secular)
  • historical fiction (inspiration/Christian or secular) 
  • children
  • young adult fiction: contemporary, romance, urban, dystopian, urban fantasy, science fiction, or fantasy.  
  • suspense/mystery (inspiration/Christian or secular) 
  • non-fiction: biographies & memoirs
  • cookbooks
  • non-fiction: variety

Q: How do I get my book reviewed at Just Commonly?
  1. Contact me through the Contact Me form with an initial request, stating the reason to contact me - review request.
  2. Include Title, Author Name, Genre, Cover,  Description/Back Cover Synopsis, Publication Date. Link is okay.
  3. Link to book website or Goodreads page. (not commercial links, please)
  4. When would you like to have the review published.
  5. What format will the book be in, print or e-copy (I prefer print.)
Please note, if your book is accepted to be reviewed, I can't promise I will like it, and my review will reflect my honest opinion.  If you are okay with this, please continue reading on.

Once your book has been accepted to be reviewed, I will contact you for further information, such as delivery of said book and additional media kits. Media kits includes:
  • high resolution image file in gif, jpg, png, or pdf formats, 
  • snippet of the book (if available) that you prefer to be published with the review in doc or pdf format, 
  • author image (if desired to be published) in gif, jpg, png or pdf formats, 
  • author info to be published 
  • author contact information - website, email and/or social media contacts

Q: What format books do you accept?
I prefer print copies, since my e-reader gets overloaded.  If only digital copies are available, I will accept them without validation dates (expiration dates) in pdf or Kindle (.mobi) formats.
Q: Do you accept self published books?
Yes but it needs to be professionally edited.
Q: Where do you post your reviews?
All reviews will be posted on Just Commonlyand will be shared on social media sites including but not limited to facebook, twitter and pinterest. A brief or full review may also be posted on commercial sites such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ChristianBook...etc, at my discretion. A review on Goodreads or Library Thing will also be considered.  Reviews for retailer sites usually go up within 2 weeks of blog post.
Q: Do you do author interviews and any other promotional posts?
Yes to author interviews, author guest posts, author media events along with author/book specific giveaway events.  If I enjoyed the book or have read your previous books, I will be happy to schedule an author interview with you, along with additional promotional blasts.
Q: Will you help promote my book and/or event?
Maybe, depending on if I enjoyed your book and/or have read previous works of yours. Any and all promotions will solely be done via social media and internet events. For a rare few, book fairs, signings and/or launches, additional promotions are available.  Any or all promotions by Just Commonly will be at the discretion of Just Commonly. 
Q: Do you accept advertising?
Working on it and more information to come.